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In a value-based landscape with patients growing frailer while living longer and managing a range of comorbidities, hospice providers want to expand service lines, develop new revenue sources and craft a deeper referral base.
Palliative care can be the solution for all three goals.
The practice aims to improve the quality of life for patients facing life-threatening illnesses, doing so through methods designed to prevent and relieve suffering. To deliver palliative care, hospice operators must re-examine their sales strategies to build this new capability. Conditions are right for this renaissance.
Download this white paper and learn:
  • Why new payment models, and new patient needs, make palliative care a must in 2021
  • How data can help put home hospice in position to succeed with palliative care
  • What the emergence of tele-palliative care means in the age of COVID
  • And more!