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With the COVID-19 pandemic, post-acute providers are stressed and bracing for a crisis without a timeline. That stress presents immediate dangers that extend beyond the care they provide for the most vulnerable patients, to the safety of their staff and right to the heart of business survival-referral relationships.

As non-essential staff, post-acute sales teams have a unique opportunity to adapt their business development and referral relationship management approach from in-person to virtual. Join Mike Ferris, Managing Partner of Healthcare Strategica, for an interactive webinar on proactive business development and practical service strategies agencies can apply immediately to mitigate risk, maintain market share and grow referrals and census.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify the critical service elements that must be adapted to proactively protect and increase business during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Establish CRM processes to automate and guarantee execution of referral partner (account and contact) specific service and communication protocols
  • Create effective and relational messaging for all types of referral partners that conveys how easy it is to work with your agency
  • Recognize the expected objections and obstacles that will show up during the pandemic and script the best practice responses
  • Determine the level of staff training required to perform specific sales functions in the interim
  • Utilize market data to identify additional referral partners to target and build an active sales pipeline in place of face-to-face meetings

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Michael Ferris, Managing Partner, Author, and Advisor
Healthcare Strategica

Michael found his passion for hospice, home health and community-based services 25 years ago.  He was originally on the operational side of the business until starting his first consulting practice in 2000.  Since that time, he has consulted and provided strategic growth advisory services to many of the leading agencies in the country.  As the developer of the industry best-practice sales training process, he has trained thousands of the most successful sales professionals in the industry.

Michael founded Healthcare Strategica in 2018 to re-imagine the relationship between consultant and client in the hospice and home care industry. 

Mike is a nationally recognized expert in Hospice and Home Care Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.  He has a unique perspective from having consulted to many of the most successful home care and hospice organizations and has first-hand knowledge of what works on a national basis.  Mike and his team deliver proven marketing and sales strategies consulting and training programs based on their extensive experience and expertise.  Mike is an expert on the referral management process and how to maximize admissions and increase referral partner loyalty.

Mike has written numerous columns featured in major industry publications, as well as delivered keynotes and speeches at hundreds of industry conferences.  He has conducted training workshops on marketing, sales and customer service for home health, hospice and private duty organizations for all types and sizes of clients.  Mike has written the books and training modules that have become the industry benchmarks for Hospice and Home Care Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Referral Management.

Recent Books:

Definitive Guide to Hospice Sales: Achieve Superstar Success (2018)

Definitive Guide to Home Health Sales: Achieve Superstar Success With PDGM Success Guide to Sales (2019)

Definitive Guide to Healthcare Sales: Achieve Superstar Success (2018)

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