The Ultimate Guide to Proactive PDGM Planning

The Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) is the most significant transformation for the home health industry in more than 20 years. The shift from a volume-based model to a value-based requires transitioning the way home health agencies think and operate. Taking a proactive, data-driven approach for your agency means the difference between revenue status-quo and competitive market advantage.

Empower your home health sales teams now with the right referral strategy, driven by PDGM.


PDGM: Prepare for Impact

To cut through the clutter and provide clarity, PlayMaker Health has created a resource library filled with PDGM-specific content. Download the toolkit, checklist, listen to the Curaport Podcast, and bookmark this page for future use!


Preparing for PDGM:

A Message from Ty Bello, CEO, Team@Work Coaching



PDGM: 3 Sales Secrets to Thrive in the New Payment Model

On-Demand Webinar

From Melanie Stover & Cheryl Peltekis of Home Care Sales:
Some industry experts are reporting upwards of 30% of home health agencies will be out of business in the next 3-5 years. Do NOT be one of them. It's time to create your strategy in preparation for the changes.

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PDGM: Prepare Early to Maximize Reimbursement


PDGM Executive Summary

By implementing a data-driven growth strategy, home health providers facing an uncertain future can be prepared to succeed in the changing home health payment landscape. Download the PDGM Executive Summary to discover best practices for early preparation to maximize reimbursements.



Listen to the PDGM Podcast


Curaport “So What, Who Cares?” Podcast Episode 32: PDGM with Nick Seabrook

In this episode, Nick Seabrook of BlackTree Healthcare Consulting educates on the new Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM). He outlines the “new” elements of this major shift in Home Health reimbursement, how it will impact agencies, and touches on what agencies can do now to get ready for this.

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The Ultimate PDGM Resource Toolkit


The 2019 Home Health final rule includes 682 pages that outline numerous payment updates, case-mix refinements, and quality reporting changes that will affect home health agencies in 2019 and beyond. Download the PDGM comprehensive toolkit (CMS, NAHC, WellSky and more!) to get a head start on your PDGM strategy for 2020.



PDGM Referral Data Checklist



To help your home health proactively prepare for PDGM, download the market and referral data checklist which outlines the three specific areas and analytics where you need to concentrate your sales and marketing efforts.



Post-Acute Payment Reform


Post-Acute Payment Reform: PDGM’s Far-Reaching Impact to the Home Health Agency Operating Model

From Brett Flack, TripleTree Holdings:
Over the past 20 years, home health providers have proven they can effectively evolve their operating models to navigate evolving regulatory dynamics. PDGM will further drive value-based care initiatives across the care continuum, and enable more collaborative relationships between institutions and home health agencies.



eBook: The Patient-Driven Groupings Model



Understanding CMS’ latest payment model and the changes that will come with it

From Brightree:
Download the ebook to gain an understanding of PDGM, its impact to home health best practices, and how your agency should be preparing for change.


Download the eBook

PDGM Analysis By Type of Agency



From Remington:
This article reveals details about the revision of home health payments in 2020. The breakdown includes PDGM and the impact by agency type. A recap of the value-based purchasing program in home health has mixed reviews.


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